Are You Serious About Getting FREE?

Are You Serious About Getting FREE?

If you’re serious about getting FREE in one or more areas of your life know it just requires lots of trust. Invite people (people you trust) to speak into your life…like seriously give them permission to bring up/confront/speak the truth in love and REALLY open yourself to it. It’s a state of living or attitude of the heart you can have at all times. It allows and gives permission for people you trust to help you get free and help you see your blind spots. It allows us to see our blind spots before WE see them. Many times it’s those close to us in proximity and/or intimacy who see something first. If they have “keys” to speak into our lives at any time then they feel the freedom to bring things up which can help us no longer have a blind spot. It’s basically cultivating a lifestyle of trust and vulnerability within the context of community – family, friends, co-workers. It seems pretty silly to refuse the eyes and awareness of another to see blind spots when we’re driving, why not apply the same principle to living life? 




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