Have My Cake And Eat It Too?!?!

Have My Cake And Eat It Too?!?!

Have you ever believed a lie?  Of course we all have!  I recently became aware of a belief that had been a scratch on the preverbal lens of my life.  It was a little shocking and then it made a lot of things make A LOT of sense.  Getting rid of this scratch on the lens of my life has brought a new found freedom to love, risk, and be authentic to who I really am.  Of course it’s a process of unlearning old habits and behaviors, but the traction I’ve made in just a few weeks has been SO amazing!

What did I believe?  The lie I believed was that I could either 1) have love and acceptance OR 2) be authentically me.  In the math equation of life I was operating with an OR mentality…and it was a LIE from the pits of hell!  This belief caused me to do one of two things depending on which side of the equation I was agreeing with at the time.  If I was connecting to love and acceptance I would hide me or parts of me depending on the situation or circumstance.  This would manifest in hiding my silliness or shrinking back spiritually.  On the other hand, if I was agreeing with my authentic self I would disconnect from relationships where I perceived disapproval or had had experiences of disapproval.  Sick!!! …and the worst part was that I had no idea this was happening.

(Side Note: This is why it’s SUPER important to have a community of people around you that can speak into your life through encouragement and confrontation. Some of the times I’ve felt most loved is when people have helped me become aware of how they are experiencing my life in action!)

Ok, where was I?  When I became aware of this lie for the first time so many situations and circumstance began to make sense. Disconnected relationships made more sense.  I realized what the root of feeling small in certain situations had been the whole time.  The great part of becoming aware of a lie that you’ve been believing is that you now get to choose to keep it or get rid of it.  I chose to get rid of this lie and coming out of agreement with the lie I said something simple like this to God (feel free to apply this to your own belief system)…

“I come out of agreement with the lie(s) that __________. God I ask you take take it away from me.  What truth do you want to give me in return?”

What truth did I receive to replace this lie?  I can have my cake and eat it too!!!  It may sound silly, but this phrase painted the perfect picture of God’s truth.  The truth in this math equation of life is the I can experience love and acceptance AND be my authentic self at the same time!  The enemy had tricked me into believing that it was an OR equation, but the truth was there was an AND there the entire time!  God, in that moment, had buffed off the scratch on my lens and I’ve been able to see life, situations, and circumstance through His truth.

I love how God works.  He sets me free!  He gives me life and hope and joy, even when those aren’t the things situations and circumstances are screaming at me.  I’ve found I can live higher than circumstance.

Be encouraged my friends!  There is a way out.  There is another way to look at whatever you’re facing.  Become aware, disagree with lies, agree with truth, and be set FREE!!!

Much Love,




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